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Alakylä is a beautiful and vital village in the southern countryside of Kittilä, on the banks of the Ounasjoki river. The village offers excellent opportunities for fishing and an active hunting club. Alakylä is located 35 km towards Rovaniemi from Kittilä village. A few northern Lapland yards that were not destroyed during the Lapland war are located in the southern part of the village at the open landscape on the banks of the river Ounasjoki. Despite the mainly renewed building stock, the river bank sceneries in Alakylä have retained well their southern Lapland look, especially when it comes to the traditional landscapes and surviving outbuildings. The first northern Lapland cooperative bank was established in Alakylä in 1912. Alakylä Etappitie, the memorial of the Jager movement is a sight in Alakylä.

There are about 600 inhabitants in Alakylä (year 2010). The school in Alakylä teaches the elementary school. Alakylä also has a school and a day-care centre. In March there is a traditional ice fishing competition in Alakylä. The competition has been organized by sports society Paloteivan Pojat and Alakylän Erästelijät. More information about the village can be obtained from the village association.

Alakylä village association ry
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Alakylän Erästäjät

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Alakylän info sign (2012)

Alakylä village video on You Tube, summer 2010.

Location: On Route 79, 35 km from the village of Kittilä, in the direction of Rovaniemi.

Population: About 160 (in 2010)

Places of interest: Where the Ounasjoki river runs by Alakylä, there are rapids called Pahtakoski and Neitikoski. There are several lean-tos along the river for canoeists, campers and hikers to use. Alakylä also features two wartime memorials and a sports hall.


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