Annual events in Kittilä

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There are lots of events in Kittilä, and it is possible to take part in different events throughout the year. Here are some events in which the municipality is involved. Here we have the events and the latest information about them can be found in the event calendar.


Kittilä Christmas Night


Kittilä Christmas Night is an event that brings Christmas feeling to the village. Shops are open late into the night for Christmas shoppers and there are Christmas programmes offered at the market place and in the village. The event is organized by the merchants of Kittilä, Kittilä's cultural committee and Kideve.

More accurate information and the programme will be published closer to the date on the internet pages of Kittilä and Kideve.

More information: Kittilä cultural committee, phone number 040 568 1356


The traditional summer market in Kittilä


The traditional summer market in Kittilä is organized two weeks after Midsummer. It has been held since the 1600's. Traditionally the market was a place to sell food, tools and make trades, dance and meet people. The market has shaped into modern summer event, but in Kittilä a certain traditional spirit has been preserved.

There are many kinds of goods offered at the market – clothes, old and new things, local food stuffs and traditional treats. Also different societies and craftsmen present themselves at the event.

There are exciting things to do and try for children and adults. In recent years there has been a carnival, animal shows, horseback riding experience park and bungee jumping


More information about spots at the market: Markku Mäkitalo, Kittilän Yrittäjät ry, phone number 0400 691 412

More about the market: Marika Salminen, cultural secretary, Phone number 040 568 1356

Links: Event calendar



Staalo Theatre Festival


Staalo Theatre Festival, Staalon Teatterifestit, is an event for amateur- and summer theatres, and it is organized by Art Society Staalo from Kittilä, the municipality of Kittilä and Levi Travel. Quality performances and classes from professionals are also offered. The event was first organized in 2008 when the municipality's public utility Kideve Kittilä Development started the festival in connection with its project Kittilän kulttuurista vetovoimaa matkailuun (Kittilä's culture as a tourist attraction). During the next two years the event developed and grew with 1700 visitors to become the biggest annual theatre event in Lapland in its third year of operation in 2010.









More events from others in the event calendar and Levi pages event calendar that represents Levi's annual events.

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