Assisted living homes Aakenus and Pääskylä

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There is a senior home in Kittilä, in Pääskylänniemi, that has 30 places in it. The senior home provides long-term living and care for the elderly who require a lot of care and are unable to live at home any more with the help of home care and other services.


The fee is determined according to a client's income. The home also provides short-term care and interval care for people who live at home and whose caretakers have a vacation or need support for other reasons.


Description of operation:

The objective is to provide good, quality living and care around the clock, according to the needs of a senior.





Assisted living home Pääskylä
Lanssitie 5
99100 Kittilä


Senior home:

Nurse in charge, phone number 040 749 3440
Nurse, phone number 040 716 0246
Nurses PALLAS, phone number  040 716 0246
Nurses OUNAS, phone number 040 643 4288
Nurses AAKENUS, phone number 040 643 4475



-    OUNAS: dementia unit, 9 rooms, a common kitchen
-    PALLAS: care unit, 7 rooms for permanent living and interval care, a common kitchen
-    AAKENUS: intensified service living unit, 14 rental appartments for permanent living, a common kitchen



-    meal services are provided by food service public utility
-    property and cleaning services are provided by the facility maintenance
-    services of a physical therapist are provided by the health centre and private service providers
-    pedicures and barber services are provided by private service providers
-    laundry services are provided by private service providers


Other activities:

-    guided recreational activity: open college, personnel
-    Henkiikö ry: senior recreational activity and comfort enhancing association
-    cogregational services: senior home church, an hour of prayer, memorial services
-    happenings that are organized by different organizations and co-operation with schools and day-care centres

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