Care for intoxicant abusers

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Help for an adult


Do you need help for controlling your alcohol consumption? Does someone close to you need help? Is it worthwhile to be alone with the problem? You can seek help.


Health centre, public health nurse of your own region

-    public health nurse, Anne Vierelä. Phone number: 040 525 5295
-    public health nurse, Merja Piekkari. Phone number: 040 137 2422

Social welfare office

-    family support officer Sanna Huilaja. Phone number: 040 179 4063
-    family support officer Virpi Yritys. Phone number: 040 179 4064
-    social worker in charge. Phone number 0400 139 684. Phone time between 13-14


Mental health clinic

-    Anne Jylhä, psychiatric nurse. Phone number: 040 708 4693. Phone time between 12-13
-    Sirpa Tuokko, psychiatric nurse. Phone number: 040 708 4692. Phone time between 13-14

Kittilä health centre
-    emergency duty and appointments number 0400 356 498. Evenings and weekends also 016 510 0200


More information:


Help for a child or an adolescent


Primary channels in helping a child in a family with intoxicant problems are through municipal social and health care by contacting one's own health centre and the public health nurse of one's own region, school health care or mental health clinic.


Information about public health nurses of your region, mental health clinic and social and health clinic above.


School health care

Public health nurse Tuulikki Perttunen. Phone number 040 825 6677
Public health nurse Marja Rauhala. Phone number 040 673 5324


In addition to the information above you can tell an adolescent about these web pages:

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