Child protection

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Child protection is preventive child protection, child- and family-oriented protection. Child protection includes finding out the need for child protection, non-institutional support, urgent placement and taking into care. Fostercare and aftercare are connected with child protection actions.



Anyone who is concerned for a child's or a family's situation, can contact a social worker. A parent can contact a social worker if he or she feels the need for help because of fatigue. A child can contact a social worker if he or she feels unsafe and needs help because of intoxicant abuse by the parents. Officials have a duty to report if, in course of their duties, they have found out about a child whose situation requires finding out if there is a need for child protection.


Contact information

Telephone time Mon-Fri 13-14.

Social worker, phone number: 0400 139 684
Social worker, phone number: 040 5081 295
Social worker, phone number: 040 589 4579

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