Child Welfare Officer

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Recognizing paternity

When a child is born outside marriage a child's mother is the guardian. Recognizing paternity fortifies the relationship between a child and the father. At the same time when paternity is recognized parents agree on a joint custody of a child.


Guardianship and living arrangements

Joint custody means that parents make decisions about a child's matters together and both parents are entitled to information concerning the child from officials. In case of separation it is practical to make a child's living arrangements, guardianship and visiting rights official with a guardianship and visiting rights-agreement that is done with the Child Welfare Officer.


Agreement of maintenance support

With the agreement of maintenance support the parents agree on maintenance support. The support is determined by the support needs of a child and solvency of the parents in a way that the higher maintenance responsibility belongs to the parent who is financially better off.


Contact information:

Social worker
Phone number: 0400 139 684

Social worker
Phone number: 040 5081 295

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