Clearance of income and necessary attachments

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To determine fees for day care a clearance of income with attachments is needed.


To determine day care fees a child's caretakers must make a clearance of income. A form for this can be found on page (in Finnish).


In determining the fee the taxed earnings and the income from capital and tax-free income of persons who live in the same household are taken into account. A day care fee is determined according to gross income, and following documents are needed in addition to the clearance of income.


1. Wage earners - the latest pay slip (a copy is enough) or a document of earnings that states all gross income from the previous and current 12 months if income varies.


2. The unemployed/persons who are on vocational training courses - unemployment benefit decision


3. Entrepreneurs – clearance of the latest taxation, revenue calculation and a balance sheet (also a clearance of income from capital), the latest taxation from an agricultural producer. If the income has changed, intermediate balancing of the accounts is needed.


4. Students – a certificate that proves studuying


5. Pensioners – the decision of a pension


6. Other income – income from rent, interest and divident, maternity benefit, alimony and affiliation order, other income (day care fees).


Paid alimonies according to receipts are considered as deduction.


With the clearance of income form you can also agree to pay the highest fee. In this case you do not have to submit your income information. The highest fee is 283 € for all-day care and 169,80 for part-time care. The fee is the highest for families whose gross income according to family size exceed following limits:


2 persons 3816,00 €
3 persons 4682,00 €
4 persons 5565,50 €
5 persons 5698,50 €


If the information of income has not been submitted within one month of the starting date of day care, the fee will be charged according to the highest rate.

Returning clearance of income and inquiries:
Day care school secretary, Niina Jauhojärvi, phone number 040 506 1369

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