Criminal and civil case mediation

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Mediation of criminal cases is a free of charge service in which both parties of a crime can deal with the mental and material harm that the victim has suffered and agree on compensations with an impartial mediator. Also small civil cases can be dealt with in mediation.


Mediation office in Kittilä region


Lapland mediation office provides the mediation services in Kittilä.


Lapland Mediation Office

Keskuspuistokatu 20, 94100 Kemi

In charge of mediation, Sanna Toivainen, phone number 0400 238 002
Mediation instructor, Esa Savolainen, phone number, 0400 238 005
Mediation instructor, Maarit Silvola, phone number, 0400 238 017


Lapland Mediation Office, Sodankylä

Lapintie 30 C 3, 99600 Sodankylä

New address 1.7.2012: Lompolontie 1, 99600 Sodankylä

In charge of mediation action, Sanna Toivainen, phone number, 0400 238 002
Mediation instructor, Eeva Lintula, phone number, 0400 285 392
Mediation instructor, Jenni Äärelä, phone number, 0400 285 482

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