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Kittilä has a versatile cultural life and its many sides can be enjoyed throughout the year! The tradition of visual arts is strong in Kittilä. Nature is the source of inspiration for many artists. The artists of the region play an important role in Lappish and Finnish art history. Artists have not only portrayed the existing Kittilä, but they have also built its varied mental atmosphere thus conveying different experiences and stories of Kittilä museum, galleries and changing exhibitions represent local art.

Kittilä's local history and culture in Pakatti exhibit rustic objects from the early 20th century. The museum consists of old buildings that are located at Ounasjoki riverbank, a place of great natural beauty. The buildings are placed in an old Southern Lapland – Lapland manner. Museum activity is present in the villages as well, there you can find old tools and yards.

Kittilä's library has a versatile collection, exhibitions that change every month and many cultural events. Movies and theatre can be seen in Kittilä at regular intervals.Nowadays the Art Society Staalo keeps up the strong roots of art life of the region.There are also craftsmanship, folk music tradition and several choirs in the area. Many different cultural events bring colour to Kittilä's cultural year. There are many societies in Kittilä that work with culture and art.

Kittilä's input in theatre manifests itself in the annual Staalo Theatre Festival that started in 2008. In September – October the festival brings life and joy to the beginning of the polar night with its plays, classes, music and stand-up acts. Also the amateur theatres in Kittilä bring their acts into events annually.

Kittilä cultural tour - check the map where to visit!


The cultural committee in the municipality of Kittilä sets the foundation for creating and experiencing culture

The cultural committee organizes many kinds of cultural events and happenings around the year by itself or in co-operation with other cultural forces. The annual four-day-long summer market is a tradition in Kittilä and the cultural committee is actively involved in it by organizing programme at the area.

The cultural committee also supports voluntary cultural activity by handing out grants. The grants can be applied every spring by societies and private art and culture devotees. The application and directions can be found at forums.


Marika Salminen
Phone number: 040 568 1356

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