Day care fees

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Family and income


Family size is considered to be persons who live in the same household in marriage or marriage-like conditions, and all under-aged children who live with them in the same household.

Taxed earnings and income from capital, and income that are not taxed are considered as income. If a monthly salary varies from month to month, an average monthly income of the year is considered as income.


Income limits and charge percentages 1.1.2018

Family size (persons)

Income limit (€/month)

Highest percentage to be charged
2 2 050 10,7
3 2 646 10,7
4 3 003 10,7
5 3 361 10,7
6 3 718 10,7


A fee is not charged if the income is smaller than the smallest gross income limit. If a family is bigger than six persons, the income limit that determines the fee, is raised with 138 € from each following underage child.

Fees for all-day care


The biggest fee is 290 € a month for a child. A fee that would be smaller than 27 € will not be charged.


The fee for a second child in day care from the same family is 50% from the calculated all-day care fee of the youngest child in day care. The highest fee, however, is 145 € a month. The fee for each following child is 20% from the calculated all-day care fee for the youngest child in day care.



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You can contact the day care office in matters concerning fees.
Phone numbers:
School secretary, tel. 040 647 2616
Director of early education, tel. 040 716 2084

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