Decision making

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The highest power of decision in Kittilä belongs to the municipal council. In the council there are 27 members. Council members and their substitutes are selected in municipal election which is held every fourth year. The municipal Council selects the 9 members for the local government that runs local economy and administration, and executes the council's decisions.


Administration rule


Administration rule determines the organization, decision making and meeting proceedings in the municipality of Kittilä. Administration rule was first passed in 9.11.2009, it has been reviewed in 12.2.2011. Revision handles the removal of day care from Health and Social Welfare to Education and Culture in 1.1.2012. The new administration rule took effect in 1.1.2012. The administration rule has been further specified concerning Health and Social Welfare, changes have been approved in a municipal county meeting in 26.3.2012. The new administration rule took effect in 1.5.2012.

The administation rule in the municipality of Kittilä (in Finnish)


Records and motion lists


Records from current and last year are generally available. If you have a need for older records, contact the municipal registry.


Records of each organ are presented in a way that has been decided. Inhabitants of the municipality are considered informed of a decision when records are publicly presented.


The records and motion lists of the municipality of Kittilä (in Finnish)


Contact information
The municipality of Kittilä, registry
Phone number 0400 356 500

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