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Document charges and fees for issueing documents 1.8.2008

Documents by a municipal officer are charged on following grounds unless prescribed or ordered differently. Grounds apply to information that is given in an electronic form or other similar way.

1. Charges

1.1. Issuing regular information

Regular issueing of information is considered to be issueing of such a document copy or print that is completely public or from which confidential parts can be easily removed. A document must also be individualizable and it must be possible to find it with an official document classification system and document identifier or with an electronically maintained register search

Following fees are charged for issueing regular information:

Following fees are charged for issueing regular information:
-    for an unverified document, 1€ a page
-    for a verified extract from a record and a copy from a document
black and white A4, 2€ a page
coloured A4, 3€ a page
black and white A3, 3€ a page
coloured A3, 4€ a page
-    Copies and prints of maps
black and white/coloured
30 cm high 3€/4€
60 cm high 4€/5€
90 cm high 4,50€/5,50€
120 cm high 5€/6€
-    Extract from a register, first piece 10€, next ones 2,50€
-    First refusal right certificate 20€

1.2. Issuing information that requires special measures

Situations that require special measures are those situations where bringing out a document is not possible by normal measures. If a requested document material is extensive or – regardless of the number of the requested documents – it contains a lot of confidential material in its parts, producing a document can reqiure more work than it normally would.

In addition, situations that require special measures are those that require searching, screening, combining and printing qualities of information technology.


Following fees are charged for information that requires special measures:
A fixed basic fee is charged for a document, copy or other print. The fee is scaled according to how demanding the search is:
- Normal search (work time less than 0,5 h) 5€
- Normal search (work time 0,5-2 h) 20€
- Demanding search (work time 2-5 h) 60€
- Very demanding search (work time over 5 h) 160€

In addition to the basic fee, a copy fee is charged, 0,60€ a page.
If an extract contains a colour copy, a fee is 1€ for a colour copied page.
Numeral map material costs 25€ for an order (less than 1 hectar)
Material more than 1 hectar costs additional 5€ for a heactar.

All prices that were mentioned contain VAT (value-added tax) according to the rate of the time.

If a document fee is a payment for an official activity such as processing an application for a permission and granting a permission, it will be charged according to a fee that is verified separately and no VAT is included.

2. Service fee

Kun asiakirjoja ja kopioita lähetetään postitse, peritään toimitusmaksua 5 euroa/toimitus.

3. Documents, certificates and information that are free of charge

Issuing a document is free of charge:

1.    When the information of a document is given orally.
2.    When a document is read or copied at an official.
3.    When a public, electronically saved document is sent by e-mail to the interested party or to the person who requested the information.
4.    When issueing a requested document is a part of an officer's duty of advicing, hearing and informing.


Charges and fees are based on a decision by the local council on 30.6. 2008 §43 and they will be valid on 1.8.2008.

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