Environment and nature

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There are plenty of bogs, rivers, forests, hills and fells in Kittilä area. A part of the landscape is the river Ounasjoki that runs through the area. The river is one of the objects in the municipality that belongs in Natura 2000 – environmental protection programme. Pallas-Yllästunturi National park is located within Kittilä, Kolari and Muonio areas. Nature in Kittilä provides many hiking possibilities ranging from backpacking to canoeing.


More information about river Ounasjoki , fishing and canoeing www.ounasjoki.fi

Natura 2000 objects in Kittilä www.ymparisto.fi

More about national parks luontoon.fi

More information about hiking trails in Kittilä


Environmental protection and control


The municipality has a task to supervise and promote environmental protection in its area. Protection and development of nature ensures a healthy and pleasant as well as economically sustainable environment.

(Municipal Environmental Protection Administration Act 24.1.1986/64)

The Building and Environmental Board acts as the environmental protection officer in the municipality of Kittilä. Environmental Inspector takes care of the tasks of the office holder.

Tasks that belong to the Environmental Inspector include among other things processing permit applications and notifications, control inspections, ordering, monitoring the state of the environment, giving statements and advising the inhabitants of the municipality.



Environmental Inspector Piippa Wäli, phone number 040 847 9552, piippa.wali(at)kittila.fi

The Building and Environmental Board, Valtatie 15, FI-99100 Kittilä





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