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In Kittilä you can play golf surrounded by gorgeous fell landscape. The 18-hole golf course in Levi is located in natural fell landscape next to a glittering lake. Lapland night of the midnight sun gives more time for a game.

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Renting the play rights to municipality-owned golf-shares


The municipality of Kittilä owns A-shares of Levi Golf & Country Club Oy and rents play rights to the inhabitants of the municipality in a following manner:


1. Shares are rented to the members of the municipality in 2012 in the reception of the municipal office.


2. One round in season 2012 costs:
- adults 22€/a round
- juniors, younger than 18, 11€/a round
- a disability entitles for a 50% discount of the prices. Prices include value-added tax (VAT) 9%. Paid by cash when renting

3. Identity will be checked if there is any doubt of a person's inhabitant status

4. A player receives a receipt from the payment with his/her name on it. The player gives the receipt to the caddiemaster/an employee of the golf company.

5. A person in the golf centre re-checks a player's identity from an id-card that has a photo on it. This ensures that the renter and the player are the same person.

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