The handicapped

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In the municipality of Kittilä handicapped people live mainly in their own homes. They are able to take part in day activities that are organized for the handicapped in Pääskylänniemi club house. There are on average 8-12 visitors daily from Monday to Friday. There are two employees in the club from Monday to Friday. More information and contact: 0400 231 309.


There are handicapped people living in service flats of Metsola, with the help of intensified living and in supported living conditions in Pääskylänniemi terraced houses.


Person in charge of the maintenance of the handicapped is Lea Huttunen, non-institutional service supervisor. Phone number 040 708 4691.


The service needs of the handicapped have been mapped out in a clearance made by the municipality of Kittilä and ASPA (foundation of serviced living) together at the end of a the year 2011. The clearance will be published at the beginning of the year 2012 on ASPA pages. More information from Paula Viuhkola, phone number 0400 231 309.

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