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A scenic village with its oldest buildings spectacularly perched on the banks of the Lismajoki river, Hanhimaa has been declared a national scenic landscape area. The main sources of livelihood for the locals are forestry and reindeer herding. The village was probably inhabited by the 18th century, but a stone age club that was found near the village gives evidence of much earlier occupation. The village is said to have received its name, which translates to ‘Goose Land’, because the site of the village on the Lismajoki was once a feeding ground for thousands of migrating geese.


Location: On the road to Inari, roughly 44 km northeast from the village of Kittilä.

Population: About 50.

Places of interest: The Kapsajoki and Lismajoki rivers are excellent fishing grounds. A person hiking up Vuossavaara Hill can see red jasper in the bedrock and the monument for the very first church built in the Kittilä area, at Kirkkokuusikko.

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Hanhimaan info sign (2012)

Hanhimaa village video on You Tube summer 2010.


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Hanhimaan kylävideo YouTube-sivustolla, kuvattu kesällä 2010.


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