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On the pages of this menu you will find information about municipal health services. Health-section offers also links to pages where you can find more information.


The health centre in the municipality of Kittilä


The health centre is located in central Kittilä, in the address Sairaalantie 2, 99100 Kittilä. When there is no urgent need for treatment, an appointment is booked with a doctor or a nurse. At the moment (7.5.2014) waiting time for non-urgent doctor's appointment is eight weeks in Kittilä health centre. Contact information for making an appointment can be received from the municipal switchboard, number 0400 356 500, and the information can be found in Appointment: a doctor's or a nurse's reception.


In urgent cases the primary contact number is the emergency duty number 0400 356 498. Please note that the number is used in urgent cases only! Do not load the number with non-urgent need for trearment. In those cases contact the municipal switchboard 0400 356 500 or Appointment: a doctor's or a nurse's reception.



A nurse evaluates the need for treatment which determines further treatment. Look up more information about emergency duty in Emergency duty and first aid.


An ambulance is ordered by calling 112.

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