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Home care in Kittilä consists of care by a visiting nurse and home help service. Objective of home care is to support people's ability to live in their own homes for as long as possible. Home care is divided into regions and it is also liable to a charge. Monthly charge is defined by the amount of services needed and by the client's income.


In all services of home care (home help service, visiting nurse and support services e.g. cleaning, safety phone and meal services), please contact home care instructor.


Branches of guidance centres work the same as before.



Home care instructor Carita Saarinen, phone number 040 716 0245
Home care public-health nurse Saila Siirtola, phone number 040 525 5292
Visiting nurse Irene Tolonen-Timonen, phone number 040 716 0249


Home care

Home care, village of Kittilä, phone number 040 572 4809
Home care, northern region, home aid – Jaana Halonen, phone number 040 525 5293
Home care, southern region – Kaisa Timonen, phone number 040 822 8755
Home care, eastern region, home aid – Birgitta Korhonen, phone number 0400 694 871


Home care supporting services


There are relatively extensive home care support services in the municipality of Kittilä. The services are targeted mainly towards helping the elderly and the handicapped to live in their own homes.


Support services include meal services, that can be ordered home, bathing services and laundry service. Applying for cleaning service is done in writing, and a service bill is used in it.

In addition, a safety phone can be acquired. Safety phone is realised by Esperi Care Oy.


Meal services

Clients in home care can order ready-made meals in their homes and in service flats. It is also possible to order either a warm meal or a frozen meal in villages outside central Kittilä. In matters concerning meals, contact the public health nurse of your own region, who are listed on this page above.


Supporting services complement the whole of home care. They are liable to charges according to Client Fee Act and confirmed prices.


More information about support services is provided by the home care supervisor, Paula Niemelä. Phone number 040 716 0245.


Cleaning services

Clients in home care have a possibility to apply for service bills that can be used to buy cleaning services. A service bill can be granted to a person who is unable to take care of cleaning because of illness, disability or decreased mobility. Moreover, an applicant's gross income affects the possibility to get the bill: the limit for a single person's household is below 1000€ a month and 1700€ a month for two people.


The worth of a bill is 12€ an hour. One bill buys one hour of cleaning. Mostly 3 bills a month are granted.


One can buy basic cleaning with a service bill. Basic cleaning includes cleaning those living quarters that a client uses daily and airing the bedding and rugs. Major house cleaning is not included.


A clients excess varies according to service provider's prices. An excess from the cleaning that is bought with a service bill is not deductible in taxation.


Cleaning can be bought from those entrepreneurs that have made an agreement with the municipality about the use of service bills. Service bill applications are available from the instructor for senior service (phone number 040 708 4691) and from the employees in home care. Applications are processed in SAS-group and an official decision will be made.


Applying for home care services

Application forms can be found on Kittilä home pages at Forms

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