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The right to receive income support is defined in income support legislation (1412/1997).

Income support is the final benefit that protects the essential livelihood for a person and a family. An individual has the foremost responsibility for his/her own livelihood and the livelihood of his/her spouse and minor children in the extent that is legislated. A right for income support is created when a person cannot get his/her livelihood from working or from entrepreneurship or from other benefits that protect livelihood, nor can he/she support himself/herself with other income or resource, with the care of a person who is liable to provide maintenance, or with other means.


Income support consists of basic income support and supplementary income support. In addition, it is possible to grant preventive income support.


Basic income support

Basic income support includes the basic part that should, according to the law, cover food, clothes, minor health care expenses, costs for personal hygiene and home cleaning, local traffic fees, magazine subscriptions, tv-licence and telephone fees.


In addition to basic part, other expenses that are covered with basic income support  include housing expenses according to housing allowance act 6§ (such as rent or maintenance charge, water, heating electricity), bigger health care costs, electricity bill and home insurance.


Supplementary income support

This includes special expenses such as children's day care fees, other than basic living expenses (e.g. expenses from moving) and expenses that are caused by special circumstances of a person or a family.


Preventive income support

The purpose of granting preventive income support is to promote social security of a person and a family and support a person and a family to do well individually and to prevent falling out of society and develope a long-term dependency from income support.

Preventive income support can be granted for measures that activate the client or for alleviatingthe difficulties that are caused by sudden deterioration of financial situation.


Applying for income support

Applications are done primarily in writing. In some cases it is necessary to book an appointment. All income and wealth and expenses outside basic part that are mentioned in an application must be proved with receipts. With a new client receipts prove a person's wealth, living and employment status are needed. A careful filling of the application speeds up the processing of the application. If further complementing and clearances are required for an application, and they are not delivered in reasonable time, the application can be rejected on grounds of insufficient clearances.


Income support is granted for a month at a time. The support will cover the expenses that surpass the income and wealth that entitle a household for income support.


More information from social and welfare office.



Benefit processor Anne Korva, phone number: 0400 356 429
Social worker in charge Anri Tiri, phone number: 0400 139 684
Social worker Outi Moilanen, phone number: 040 508 1295 
Social worker Sirkka Nissi-Onnela, phone number: 040 589 4579 


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