Kideve Kittilä Development

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Kideve Kittilä Development is the public utility of economy in the municipality of Kittilä. Kideve serves the businesses of the region by offering information about entrepreneurship and business services and by guiding forward entrepreneurs and people who want to start their own business. Kideve developes the region's economic life together with businesses and controls developmental projects that receive EU funding.


Katariina Palola, Director of Economic Development
Phone number 0400 955 472
Business guidance, developing economy, project management


Phone number 040 760 0744
Kideve office and billing, event organization, duties in agricultural work


Tea Koskela Project Manager
Phone number 040 487 7556


Katja Kaunismaa, Project Manager
Phone number 0400 356 431


Nina Willman, Communications Officer
Phone number 0400 356 027
Kideve website, communication and marketing tasks, communications tasks in the municipality of Kittilä.


E-mail addresses for the Kideve personnel are formed: first name.last name(at)

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