About Kittilä

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Kittilä basic information

Population: 6 436
(Dec 2018, source: Statistics Finland)
Population in Kittilä from 1980
Region: Lapland
Sub-region: Fell Lapland
Established: 1868
Total area: 8263,9 sq km, including 168,6 sq km of water
(source:  Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities )
Municipal tax: 20,25%

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Kittilä coat of arms

The coat of arms of Kittilä is designed by an artist from Kittilä, Einari Junttila, in 1963. In the coat of arms there is a wolverine walking against a silver background and an arch above it. The wolverine and the arch are black, the wolverine's nails and tongue are red.

In Kittilä

- there are 718 lakes (source: http://www.jarviwiki.fi)
- there are ten fells, Aakenustunturi, Korsatunturi, Kumputunturi, Kätkätunturi, Kätkätunturi (northern), Lainiotunturi, Levitunturi (Levi), Puljutunturi, Pyhätunturi, Pyhätunturi (western)
- there are about 12 000 reindeer  (in 2013, source: Reindeer Herders' Association)


- a dependent parish was formed in 1828 out of Sodankylä
- an independent parish was formed with an imperial edict in 30th of January in 1854
- the first meeting according to the new municipal administration was held in 11th of July, 1868

Geographical location and neighbours

Parish village of Kittilä:
67°40' northern latitude
24°53' eastern longitude
174 mpy

Neighbouring Kittilä are Enontekiö in the northwest, Inari in the northeast, Sodankylä in the east, Rovaniemi in the south, Kolari in the southwest, Muonio in the west.


Services and nature are close

Kittilä is a lively municipality in Fell Lapland, a home to about 6500 people. Thanks to its excellent location, versatile services, working connections and fabulous natural surroundings, Kittilä offers good circumstances for inhabitants, tourists and companies. The eight northern seasons captivate imagination from the polar night to the midnight sun, from early spring to the dazzling colours of autumn. The landscape is shaped by several magnificent fells together with the grand and free-flowing river Ounasjoki that runs through the municipality.


Events and activities

Nature, several programme services and cultural activities provide Kittilä area with a versatile selection of possibilities for leisure-time activities. There is also an active association life. Many annual events take place with the input of active inhabitants. In addition to physical exercise and trekking, events and cultural supply offer variety for tourists as well.


Strong business life creates jobs and services

The largest lines of business in Kittilä are tourism and mining industry. Finland's most popular year-round free-time activities centre Levi and one of Europe's largest gold mines, Kittilä mine, are located in Kittilä. The international airport in Kittilä provides daily connections to other parts of Finland and Europe. Internationality plays a significant role in the economy of Kittilä.


Developing municipality

The development of Kittilä into a growing and vibrant municipality has been quite fast during the last decades. There have been strong investments in building. Due to tourism, kittilä has gained an international atmosphere, but the traditional lifestyle can still be seen in villages, art and events.


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