Kittilä (village)

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Many of the public and commercial services and several shops and special stores in the Kittilä municipality are to be found in the Kittilä village centre. Municipal and government offices are located here, along with the library and the Kittilä health clinic. Education is provided by the local comprehensive and secondary schools, the Levi Alpine Racing school, the Lapland Vocational Training Institute and Levi Institute unit of the Lapland Tourism College. The village also features various indoor recreational facilities, as well as the Agnico Eagle ice-hockey rink and football field, and, in the winter, there are cross-country skiing tracks in and outside the village. There is also an international airport just a few kilometres north of the village.


Location: The village of Kittilä is located in the geographic middle of the municipality. From here, it is about 150 km to Rovaniemi and 960 km to Helsinki. The Swedish border at Kolari is about 76 km away and the Norwegian border at Enontekiö roughly 190 km away. It is about 86 km to the town of Sodankylä.

Population: About 2,800.

Places of interest: There is a church which survived World War II and the fire that burned down nearly all of the rest of the village in 1944. This and other local history can be viewed at the museum of local history and culture in the Pakatti district, which is open in summertime. Swimming is popular in the summer as well. In the town centre, there is the Einari Junttila Art Museum and the home of Kalervo Palsa, a local artist. For birdwatchers and trekkers, there is the Karinnokka birdwatching tower and, next to it on the bank of the Ounasjoki river, the Karinnokka shelter, where people can picnic or rest. The cross-country skiing track doubles as a running and hiking trail during the snow-free months.

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Kittilä village video on YouTube, summer 2010.

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