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The main library in Kittilä has a varied collection and an exhibition that changes monthly. Different happenings and events are also organized there. There are story times for children and for adults there are current book recommendations and novelties. A wireless internet connection is also available and there are four computers available that are connected to the internet. It is possible to read domestic digital newspapers in the main library. Also a part of the library's activity is a mobile library that services Kittilä and Kolari together. Raattama has a lending station. Read about events in current events.

Main library

Kirjatie 1
99100 Kittilä
Main library phone number: 040 728 5733
Chief librarian, phone number: 040 506 0042
Fax: 016 643 587
e-mail: kirjasto(at)


Lapin kirjastojen verkkokirjasto


Kittilän kunnankirjaston facebook-sivuille

Kittilä library
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Opening hours    
Winter (1.9.–31.5.)   Mon–Thu 11–19 Fri 9–16
Summer (1.6.–31.8.)   Mon–Thu 11–18 Fri 9–16
Days before holidays   11–16  









Domestic digital newspapers are available on the internet computer in the library


Helsingin Sanomat and Lapin Kansa are included in the selection. E-press service front page shows the selection available.


Library van

Phone number: 0400 392 854
e-mail: kirjastoauto(at)
Read more about the mobile library, also timetables available on page


Raattama lending station

Raattama school
Ounasjoentie 5463
99340 Raattama

Open year-round on Thursdays 18-20.



Library building

The library building was completed in 1973. It was extended and renovated in 1990. Opening date was on the 4th of February 1991.

Area: library space 540 sq m, alltogether 738 sq m
Design: Suunnittelukeskus Oy, Rovaniemi local office 
Architectural design: Jan Lehtipalo, Rovaniemi
Furniture design: Veikko Junnila, Turku 
Furniture: Koulukalusto, Salo and Martela, Oulu
Marble floor the entrance lobby and "central boulevard": Green chromium marble from Kittilä, approximately 150 sq m


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