Mental health and help for intoxicant problems

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Contact information

Kittilä health centre

Sairaalantie 2

99100 Kittilä


Psychiatric nurses:


Anne Jylhä

Telephone time Mon-Fri 12-13

Phone number 040 708 4693

Service time Mon-Thu 7-15, Fri 7-13


Sirpa Tuokko

Telephone time Mon-Fri 13-14

Phone number 040 708 4692

Service time Mon-Thu 8-16, Fri 8-12


Clients and services


Kittilä mental health office offers its services to a wide range of clientele; both adults, seniors and adolescents and children. We have specialized in treating disturbancies and illnesses of mental health with different therapeutic discussions and we help people in ordinary problems and crisis in life.

Our clients are private individuals and families, couples who have encountered difficulties and crisis, people who struggle with intoxicant and alcohol problems and their relatives, people who have long-term psychiatric illnesses who receive treatment and rehabilitation plans, and people who suffer from depression and fatigue. No referral is needed for treatment.


Crisis group


There is also a working group which provides aftercare in crisis situations. The action is coordinated by the mental health office. In addition to mental health care workers the group consists of employees in health care, congregation and the tird sector. Help is offered, among others, to people whose relatives have had an accident or committed suicide. The crisis help action happens during office hours. There is no actual on-duty crisis group.

The work of a psychologist consists of preventing and early discovery of problems in psychological, social, education and development ofthe children and adolescents. Psychologists perform psychological evaluations, give guidance, advice, treatment and rehabilitation in cooperation with families, the health clinic, day care and social work. Appointments for evaluations for children are usually organized within two weeks. There are also a few adult clients visiting a psychologist's reception in crisis and relationship conversations and because of depression, work-related fatigue and intoxicant abuse problems.


Psychiatric services


At the moment in the mental health office there is a private doctor visiting once a month. The doctor specialises in psychiatry and geriatry. An appointment is booked according to directions from a health centre doctor or a psychiatric nurse. Services of a psychiatric doctor for children and adolescents are bought from the central hospital of Lapland. A health centre doctor or a school doctor writes a referral.


Cooperation and consultation


Mental health workers act as members in multiprofessional work groups and consult in different questions related to mental health. Partners come from different municipal lines of activities such as social work, school work, day care, home service, health centre's bed ward and labout administration. Mental health workers also work as contact persons and members multiprofessional work groups when dealing with other institutions such as Muurola hospital, intoxicant abusers' treatment clinics and rehabilitation homes. Moreover, mental health workers cooperate with the third sector and participate in projects that support mental health.

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