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Kuivasalmi and Nilivaara

These two villages have always been closely linked, also by many kinship relations. According to tradition, Korteniemi, on the east bank of lake Rastinjärvi, is the homestead of the seventeenth century Kittilä sorcerer, Päiviö. Kuivasalmi is also known as Rasti.


Location: The two villages are located roughly 30 km northeast of the village of Kittilä.

Population: About 45.

Places of interest: A traditional Lapp cemetery, Nilivaara hill and its gorgeous view over lake Sotkajärvi, the Kumputunturi Fell, the village activity centre, the ancient homestead of the legendary sorcerer Päiviö, the Autiomukka ancient homestead, historic homestead, and a shelter maintained by the Finnish National Board of Forestry.


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