Laboratory services

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Opening hours

Laboratory sampling is open Mon-Thu 7-15, Fri 7-13


  • An appointment must be booked for sampling and spirometer test.
  • Appointments can be booked Mon-Fri 13-15, phone number 0400 356 475
  • Spirometer examinations are done Mon-Thu 13-15, bring your own medicine.
  • We will also take examinations that are referred by private doctors. These are liable to a charge.


We will also examine tests from people who live elsewhere, for example INR controls in Marevan-treatment. A client pays for these himself/herself unless there is a financial obligation from his/her own municipality. The price includes only doing the laboratory test, interpretation of the results must be agreed on with one's own nurse or a doctor.


If a person lives or spends time regularly or long-term outside his/her own municipality because of work, study, free-time, or because of living arrangements of a relative or other close person or for other similar reasons, he/she is entitled to use other than his/her own municipality's basic health care services to fulfill a care treatment plan without changing his/her health centre that is in charge of the treatment. A person must notify in writing about his/her selection the health centre that he/she is using and the health centre that he/she selects (National Health Service Act 47§).


For example, when Marevan-treatment is in question, a Marevan-card and a written announcement is enough for a treatment plan. In this case interpreting the results is included in the service in addition to laboratory tests, and a client does not have to pay the costs. A client can ask the results from the reception nurse of the doctor who referred him/her to the tests, or the public-health nurse of his/her own area. Laboratory results of the tests that are done in emergency duty can be inquired from a policlinic nurse.

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