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According to the law, a notice of moving must be done if someone moves permanently from one appartment to the next, or lives temporarily in a different address longer that three months. The notice can be done one month before moving at the earliest, and it must be at the administrative court one month after moving the latest. Notice of moving can be done at Population Register Centre by calling 0200 7100 (waiting in line is subject to a charge) or at Population Register Centre web page.


The notice can also be done at the internet, or by form in

The notice is done by phone at Posti's customer service, phone number 0200 71000, Mon-Fri between 8-20, Sat between 9-14(waiting in line is subject to a charge).

Moving abroad from Finland and from abroad to Finland must be notified either at the internet or by a form.


Move to Kittilä

Are you considering moving to Kittilä? Have you just moved and are looking for more information about your new home? Do you want to know the services of your home municipality better? In addition to Kittilä web pages there is more information for those who are moving to Kittilä in Move to Kittilä! Service.

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