The building code in Kittilä

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The building code guides and regulates building in the municipality. Building is also regulated by land use and building legislation, statutes and other laws and regulations that control building. The building code deals with matters that are regulated with land use and building legislation. There can be also other legislation or municipal orders that apply in building (e.g. orders about environmental protection and waste management).

The building code is valid in all regions within the municipality. Regulations in the building code complement plans in a way that orders in planning take priority. The applying official must follow the building code, deviating from the building code requires a decision on deviation.


The purpose of the building code


The purpose of the building code is to guide a builder towards a balanced and pleasant result by providing guidelines, regulations and orders and also to promote a good landscape and building manner.

The task of the building code is to develope a pleasant environment in the municipality and to create beautiful, original landscapes that have a cultural historical value that are important to economy.

While building, valuable landscapes and traditional building stock are preserved. It is also a goal to place new buildings in a way that they form the traditional style sheltered yards. The existing nature is also taken into account. The building code in Kittilä has been renewed during the year 2002.


Check the plans and building manner instructions of your property:

Kittilä building code (pdf, 382 kt)


The maps of areas that need planning  that are mentioned in the building code can be inquired from the building inspectors of the municipality.


Mauri Kenttälä, phone number 040 752 4201

Matti Niska, phone number 0400 396 074

E-mails are formed: first name.last name(at)


The plans for Kittilä and Levi can be found in Plans on the pages of the municipality of Kittilä There are several building manner instructions for plans that have been accepted since 2002. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact the building control of the municipality. More information about building in Kittilä and Levi can be found in the building control in the municipality of Kittilä.

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