Building permission

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Before starting a building project a builder must contact the technical department/planning department and find out about planning situation and under what preconditions the project can be prepared.
Application for a building permit will be submitted to the building and environmental board in the municipal office in Kittilä.



Application for a building permit
Notice of a building project RH1
Appartments RH2
Neighbours consent
Deviation permission
Application for an executive foreman
Other building supervision forms
Forms can be found in


Necessary documents for an application


1.    Application for a building permit 

  • One copy, carefully filled and signed

2.    Main drawings – two copy series folded.  

  • Station plan in scale 1:5000 or 1:2000 (three series)
  • Floor plan in scale 1:100 or 1:50
  • Elevation or elevations in scale 1:50
  • Facade drawings in scale 1:100
  • Flue drawing in scale 1:20 (if there is one)

3.    Notice of a building project (RHI)

  • This should be done of all buildings that require a permit
  • If there are several appartments, or an existing appartment is undergoing changes, a form Appartments (RH2) should also be filled.

4.    Neighbour's consent

  • According to the regulations in Land Use and Building Act, an applicant must hear the neighbours. According to the Act, neighbours include the owners and occupants of properties next to and opposite to the applicant's property. The hearing can be done by the applicant, or the municipality can do it for a fee. A clearance of the hearing from each neighbour must be attached in the application.

5.    Clearance of possession of the building site

  • One copy (title deed, a copy of the sales contract or a lease)

6.    Sewage processing plan (three copies)

  • if the building is outside the sewarage system and produces sewage, or the sewarage system is changed in a way that makes enhancing the sewage processing necessary.

7.    Clearance of energy economy – clearance of meeting the demands of heat insulation regulations.


8.    Structural profile

  • For small houses, cottages and bigger buildings a structural profile is needed from floor structures, outer wall and roof structures in two copies, scale 1:20-1:10 with explanations.

9.    Extract from the plan or basic map in scale 1:100-1:2000 (from the technical office of the municipality)


10.    Deviation permit

  • If there is a deviation from orders, there must be a copy of the permit attached in the application. The permit will be granted by Lapland's ELY-centre (waterfront building/significant deviation from permitted building) or the municipal government (other deviations).

11.    Clearance of founding conditions

  • If there is a reason to suspect that the ground underneath is not solid. At waterfront the ground should be examined in order to avoid problems in the long run.

12.    Structural drawings

  • If there are objects in the construction that need dimensioning (girders, foundations etc.) and there are existing drawings when the permit is applied. The decision for a permit requires structural drawings when necessary. In general, special plans and clearances will be required in the building permit decision if it is considered necessary in order to achieve a good result. Most drawings are, however, necessary in the building process, even if they are not required by the authorities.




The drawings must meet the standards in Finnish building standards collection part A2. The building permit will be delivered to the applicant cash-on-delivery. A builder must follow the plans that are accepted in the building permit. If the drawings are changed, a building inspector must be contacted. In addition to hearing the neighbours, a builder must notify about the project in hand at the building site when the permit is pending.

The purpose of notifyind is to make the surrounding people aware of the change that is taking place. The notice drawn by the applicant must be placed at the building site once the application for a building permit has been submitted. The notice must remain there until the decision for a permit has arrived in the mail.

A building permit specifies separately if there is a need for an opening meeting. The applicant or the foreman in charge is responsible for organizing the meeting. The meeting can be held at the building site or at the building inspector's office. An opening meeting will be held before building work starts. However, digging at the building site is allowed before a meeting. At the meeting there should be present at least the applicant, foreman in charge and a building inspector. The head planner and the costructor are present if necessary.



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