Sewage processing

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If a property is located within the coverage of a sewarage system it is mandatory to connect the property into the sewarage system according to the standards in Water Supply and Sewarage Act 10§.
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If the property is located outside the coverage of the sewarage system, waste water processing in an old building must be updated to meet the standards in the sewage order by March 2016. Waste water system in a new building must be built according to the new standards.
Sewage order in scattered settlement has changed in 2011. The main change was the allowance of extension in transition from the old waste water system into the new system. The new deadline was in March 2011.

Council of State's decree on waste water processing outside sewarage systems.


There is also an addition to the Environmental Protection Act (chapter 3A) in which requirements for waste water processing have been specified.

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