Palsa Museum

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Kivitie 14 b, 99100 Kittilä

Location: Centre of Kittilä in a residential area named Narikka. Address Kivitie 14 b.

Open: Summer, from the beginning of June to the end of September, Tuesday-Saturday 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm. Closed on Midsummer’s Eve and Midsummer’s Day.

Tickets: 5 euros / 2.50 euros, cash only

Route: Centre of Kittilä Highway 79 – Ansatie – Kivitie, there are signs to the destination. Parking for museum guests is in the parking area of Ansatie.


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Palsa Museum 

Located in the centre of Kittilä, the Palsa Museum, which consists of the home of artist Kalervo Palsa (1947-1987) and the Getsemane studio, was opened to the public on 6 June 2013. Kalervo Palsa’s home has been uninhabited since the artist’s death and it had gone into disrepair. The foundation of Kauko Sorjonen acquired the Palsa farm in 2011 and last year the buildings were restored and the paintings on the studio’s walls were conserved. The restoration was done by restoration master Taisto Vesa and his team. Liisa Hänninen-Pelz was responsible for the conservation of the art. The museum interior was constructed from objects of Kalevero Palsa by researcher and Master of Arts Anne Koskamo in partnership with the previous museum director of the Särestöniemi Museum, Liisa Tervahauta.


The operations of Kalervo Palsa’s house museum are administered through the Särestöniemi Museum, which is located in the Kaukonen village of Kittilä.
More information (in Finnish)

More information about the Palsa Museum (in Finnish) is also available on the website of the Kauko Sorjonen foundation.


Särestöniemi Museum, telephone 016 654 480
Acting Director of the Museum Anne Koskamo, telephone 040 136 1112

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