Recycling and waste management

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Waste management for private citizens

The company that manages the lines of activities concerning waste management in the municipality is Lapeco. It also takes care of organizing waste management duties in a way that is determined in the Waste Management Act. Lapeco undertakes the duties of the waste management official in the municipality. That means they organize waste management tasks on a practical level, such as collection, billing and information.


If you have questions about waste management bills or you want to notify about the need to empty your waste disposal unit, contact Lapeco's customer service.


Lapeco customer service contact information:

Phone number 040 3511 771, weekdays between 9.00-15.30

E-mail: asiakaspalvelu(at)

More information


Waste management for companies

Companies can enter into a contract about waste management with any company they want. Professionals in waste management in Kittilä:

Hettula Oy, phone number 0400 643 160

Lapin Jätehuolto kuntayhtymä, Lapeco Phone number, 040 351 1771

Työtec Oy Phone number, 040 589 4794


Environmental control official in the municipality


The environmental control officer oversees the following of rules and orders dictated by waste management act. It also guides and advices in questions concerning waste management.

More information:

Environmental inspector, Piippa Wäli, phone number 040 847 9552



Tips for sustainable development:

Environmental guide for a traveller

Here you can find green tips for holiday-making in Levi. These tips apply anywhere. The guide book has been produced as a part of a project run by Kideve Kittilä Development – Levin kyläkuvan kehittäminen kilpailueduksi (Developing the village image of Levi for a competitive edge)




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