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Kittilän Vuokratalot oy - Kittilä Rental Houses Oy



Kittilän Vuokratalot Oy (Kittilä Rental Houses Oy)
Valtatie 15, 99100 Kittilä   (in the municipality office)

Kittilä Rental Houses Oy acts as an intermediary in providing people with rental appartments that are owned by the municipality.

Kittilä Rental Houses web page

You can fill and print an application and a notice of termination from the page


Free appartments/applications: Anita Rauhala, phone number 0400 356 436, anita.rauhala(at)
Billing: Päivi Pantsar, phone number 0400 356 437, paivi.pantsar(at)
House manager: Timo Sattanen, phone number 040 506 4496, timo.sattanen(at)


Kittilä senior home association

Address: Valtatie 43 A 9, 99100 Kittilä
Office phone number, 016 613 334


TA-group Oy

Provides rental appartments in Sirkka, e.g. Akanrova



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