School and student health care

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The objective of school health care is to promote welfare in the school community and student health, it is also important to to support healthy growth and development together with students, parents, teachers and other personnel in student welfare.A school health nurse and a school doctor are responsible for school health care.


A part of the school health care are annual physical examinations. These examinations are extensive on the first, the fifth and the eight grades. The examinations are done by a public health nurse and a doctor.


Students in upper secondary school and in vocational school are examined on their first year in school.



School centre in the village of Kittilä /comprehensive school classes 7-9, Levi Institute, Alakylä and Kaukonen, Raattama:
Public health nurse Heli Harju, phone number 040 673 5324.

School centre in the village of Kittilä /comprehensive school classes 1-6, Sirkka, Raattama and Kittilä upper secondary school:
Public health nurse Minna Kantola, phone number 040 825 6677


School psychologists Eija Jääskeläinen-Heikkinen, phone number 0400 883 946, and Petra Erämies phone number040 708 4694         

School social worker Tiina Huilaja, phone number 0400 398 709, (comprehensive school classes 7-9, Levi Institute) and Paula Viisainen p. 040 537 8724 (comprehensive school classes 1-6)

School doctor Kim Mänttäri, phone number 040 747 6102 (assistant's number)

School dentist, appointments 040 546 3901

e-mail addresses are formed: first name.last name(at)


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