Service flats Koivukoti, Metsola and Havukka

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Koivukoti is a service complex that has been opened next to and in connection with the municipal health centre. It started operating in October 2010. There are 32 places and 28 flats alltogether in Koivukoti. Downstairs, in a unit for people with memory difficulties, there are 10 single flats and two double flats, appartments for 14 people. Upstairs, there is supported living for 14 elderly people (10 single flats and 2 double flats). In addition, there are 4 single flats upstairs that are reserved for people with multiple disabilities.


The operation is directed by a nurse in charge. There are also 9 nurses working in the house. There is an around-the-clock care and an access control system in the unit for people who have difficulties with memory. Inhabitants upstairs are taken care for in co-operation with home care.



Sairaalantie 2
99100 Kittilä

Nurse in charge, Jaana Torppila, phone number 040 149 5165
Nurse Anneli Haapanen, phone number 040 637 5088
Nurses downstairs, phone number 040 751 1235
Nurses upstairs, phone number, 040 751 3563


Service flats in Metsola

There are 22 appartments in Metsola for seniors and the disabled. In Metsola a client receives an around-the-clock care and support in everyday life. In service living a client pays for his or her own rent, medicine and services.



Lanssitie 5 K
99100 Kittilä

Service flats:

Nurse in charge, Merja Korva. Phone number 0400 356 481
Nurse Taina Gullsten, phone number 040 661 4928
Nurses for disabled, phone number 040 748 6587
Nurses for seniors, phone number 040 668 3096


Description of operation:

Providing quality care for the disabled and the elderly. The disabled are provided with activities that help in maintaining and improving physical and social functioning with individual care and service plans and special care programmes.

The basic premise for providing care for the elderly is understanding that old age is a unique phase in life, a resource and a strength. A good and productive care is based on respect.

Basis for operation:
- a unit for the disabled with 10 rooms, a common room
- a unit for the elderly: 10 rooms, a common room
- in the wing there are two rooms that are meant for couples


A service living unit Havukka

Havukka provides service living for the elderly. There are 6 rooms and common quarters in Havukka. There is also day activities in Havukka for the elderly who live at home.


More information and contact:
Home service instructor, phone number 040 716 0245

Havukka day activity:
Instructor Maija Linnala. Phone number 040 834 6503


Private care units

The municipality of Kittilä buys service living places from two private service units. Inhabitants are selected buy a multiprofessional SAS group.

In Köngäs there is a service home Kätkä
-    director Riitta Palosaari. Phone number 040 847 1219

In Kittilä there is a service home Hopeatupa
-    director Teija Koski. Phone number 040 592 6531

Kullero is a service flat complex that belongs to Kittilä's Old People's Home Association.
-    applications: Tili- ja toimialapalvelu, Satu Kokkoniemi


Valtatie 43 A 9
99100 Kittilä
Phone number 016 613 334

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