Snowmobile routes

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Photo: Visit Levi

Kittilä-Levi area is a pleasant place for snowmobiling and to enjoy of beautiful Lappish landscape. There are 900 km of official snowmobile routes in the Kittilä area. In addition to that, there is one snowmobile track, Pulju-Kappera, 18 km. A kilometre-long snowmobile route runs throughthe Levi centre.The technical office is responsible for building and maintaining the routes. Clearing the routes is done by Oy Levi Ski Resort.


Snowmobile route maps

Kittilä snowmobile routes 2019, pdf, updated 11/2018, permit: No: 52/MML/12

Levi snowmobile roures 2019, pdf, updated 11/2018

Please note that the maps above are not for printing. A printed map that shows the snowmobile routes in the entire municipality of Kittilä (900 km) is for sale in Kittilä information (address: Valtatie 15, 99100 Kittilä, tel. +358 400 356 500) and Levi Travel (address: Levi Tourist Office, Myllyjoentie 2, 99130 Levi , Tel. +358 600 550 134 (0,8€/min+local charge, charge for queueing)

Map of the snowmobile routes in Levi area can be also found in Levi web pages at Maps.

Read the instructions for moving on the routes on a page Instructions for moving on the routes.


Levi Snowmobile Service

Now you may plan your daily snowmobiling tours with your tablet or smart phone. When you take your phone along, the map follows you where ever you go.

More info on Levi Snowmobile Service and link to purchase the service:

The new electric Levi Snowmobile Service shows snowmobiling routes in a completely new way.
- By using zoom function you are able to study enhanced map selections, explore terrain details and find familiar places by taking advantage of the aerial map.
- The 3D Efect Map enabes intensified elevation views. In addition you may select a so called embossed terrain view including all elevation zones for every selected map.
- Snowmobile Service shows you maintained snowmobiling routes with different colours.
- The locations of cafes, wind shelters and recess huts etc along the snowmobiling routes are also shown.
- You can measure selected route lenghts and store your own map views with selected services along the trails.
- The Snowmobile Service enables you to share your favorite snowmobiling tours even in social media or via email.


General information about maintaining

-    Ice routes are marked when the ice is about 20 cm thick.
-    A route is officially in use after the first dragging has been done.
-    The snowmobile route network will be dragged as extensively as possible depending on the winter conditions.
-    One must stay on the marked routes and traffic rules and signs must be obeyed.


If an accident happens

Pelastuskoodimerkki moottorikelkkareitillä Kittilässä

Along the routes there are yellow rescue code signs at one kilometre intervals. Call the emergency number 112 and give the information on the nearest rescue sign. The emergency service will find you according to the information on the sign.

An example of a rescue code sign in the picture.







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