Special education and support

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Learning is supported with remedial education and part time or full time special education. Cooperation with parents is important in planning and realizing supportive actions. An objective is to offer support at the right time and as early as possible.


Remedial education

In remedial education individual tasks and guidance are used. Initiative for remedial education comes primarily from the teacher, but the initiator can also be a pupil or a parent. Remedial education is organized either during regular classes or outside them.


Part time special education

Part time special education is offered simultaneously with other education, in small groups or individually. A pupil receives a learning plan while he or she receives intensified support.


Education in small groups

Education is organized in small groups when it is in accordance with a pupil's interest.


Full time special education

Individualization can affect the whole curriculumin basic education or just individual subjects.

Organizing education regionally: education is organized regionally when it can be organized by subject due to handicap or a difficult illness.

When possible, education is organized in a nearby school.


Special support teaching proceedings

If a pupil is studying regionally or he or she has individualized courses on one or more subjects, a decision on the need for special support is made and a pupil receives a plan concerning individual education (HOJKS). The decision is made also if a pupil studies according to general education courses and he or she is in constant need of support to organize his/her studies.

A special education teacher gives part time special education in all schools. Contact information can be received from a school.

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