Sports and outdoor activities

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The municipality of Kittilä offers versatile possibilities for exercise and outdoor life. Exercise, fishing, hunting and berry picking are possible in the vast nature. There are many hiking-, nature- and outdoor recreation trails and bird-watching towers in the area. An extensive and well-maintained network of cross-country skiing tracks runs in central Kittilä. In Levi one can find about 180 km of cross-country skiing tracks. Many villages have their own skiing tracks. 900 km of snowmobile routes cover the area.


In Kittilä town centre there is a sports hall, opened in 2014. There is also an indoor skating rink and a football field with artificial turf. In Kittila area, there are also other football fields and ice-hockey rinks, a spa, gyms and a golf-course. Kittilä's villages' sports spaces have been listed in page Sport facilities in villages. Revontuli Opisto organizes courses in sports during autumn and spring terms. In addition, societies and private companies offer many kinds of recreational exercise. It is possible to take up downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing in Levi Ski Resort, but also hiking, biking, frisbeegolf and many other types of outdoor and indoor sports are possible. More information in


Sports office promotes exercise

The task of the sports office is to maintain sports spaces in Kittilä area and promote possibilities for recreational exercise. Sports office has a part in many sports events and is one of the organizers in school competitions and in competitive activity together with sports clubs. Sports office takes part in founding projects of sports spaces and in maintaining them. In Kittilä, sports office is a part of free cultural work together with youth work, library, cultural committee and open college.


Contact information:
Sports office, the municipality of Kittilä, street adress: Valtatie 15, FI - 99100 Kittilä
Sports secretary, Kari Kaakkuriniemi, phone number 040 573 1123, kari.kaakkuriniemi(at)
Manager of sports hall, Pasi Juntunen, phone number 040 774 9743
Manager of sports facilities, Veli-Matti Rauhala, phone number 0400 163 331
Sports centre/indoor skating rink – manager Tarmo Toivanen, phone number 0400 356 454
Note! If the number does not answer, try again in a minute. While driving a machine it is difficult to hear the telephone.


The Civil Engineer plans and realizes trails

The civil engineer in the municipality's technical office acts as the planner of the trails and routes and as the person in charge of them. The civil engineer is in charge of planning the routes, building and maintaining the structures, and also in charge of the cross-country skiing maps, snowmobile route maps and hiking maps and making the maps available.

The area of the civil engineer are the hiking tracks, nature trails, winter walking routes and biking routes in Levi. The biking route is partly located on the old hiking trail of the National Board of Forestry and it is partly responsible for those structures. Thecivil engineer is also responsible for the guide signs and structures in cross-country skiing tracks and snowmobile routes, and also for the burning wood and waste management on the resting places of the municipality. There are also resting places that belong to the National Board of Forestry along the routes and it is responsible for maintaining them.

The municipality of Kittilä and Oy Levi Ski Resort Ltd work together in maintaining the routes. Levi Ski Resort takes care of dragging the cross-country skiing tracks and snowmobile routes in Levi and the municipality's sports office maintains the skiing tracks in central Kittilä. The municipality also takes care of dragging the base for the winter walking toute in Levi and Levi Ski Resort keeps it open.


Civil Engineer, technical office, Valtatie 15, 99100 Kittilä
Phone number 0400 862 532

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