Telephone system in Kittilä health centre

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The non-urgent appointment reception and dental care in the health centre of the municipality of Kittilä uses a telephone system. With the service, congestion can be evened out which results in better and more efficient service. A client can choose if he or she will stay in line or selects a callback in which case the health centre calls him or her back at the appointed time.

The municipal switchboard cannot connect into these numbers, but a client calls them directly. These numbers are:

Doctors' reception nurses, phone numbers:
Appointment reservations for doctor's reception, weekdays between 9-15, tel. 040 844 5040 ja 040 867 8875.
An appointment for a nurse's reception, weekdays between 10-14, phone number 040 747 6102
Prescriptions, patient documents, statement requests, phone number 0400 356 499
Dental care, phone number 040 546 3901


This is how the new telephone service works:

- When you call the number you will hear a welcome message.
- In a moment you will be offered a possibility of a callback ("if you prefer us calling you at approximately, press star"). You can move into booking a callback time by pressing a star.
- After pressing a star the service will ask you to select "1", if you want them to call you back into the number which you are calling from. In other cases select "2", when you can dial your number with an area code (also from regular telephone) into the system (for example 0401234567, 091234567).
- If you do not want or cannot dial your number, in a moment you will hear a message "dictate your number with an area code after the tone and we will call you as soon as possible."
- After you have given your number, you can hang up. The health centre contacts you at an appointed time.


Note the following:

- The appointed callback will come from an unknown number.
- A client's own telephone operator will charge for waiting in line (local fee).
- Customer service cannot call you back if your number is unlisted or sending your own number is blocked.


Kittilä health centre reception and dental care
More information: Harri Mäkelä, phone number 040 774 2406

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