Transportation services

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Meän Pirssi is a transportation service that helps people to run their errands in central Kittilä when there are no services in their own villages. The service is available to everyone. Read more about timetables and practice at Traffic-service lines.


Transportation service that is defined by Social Welfare for the Disabled Act is applied in writing. Contact non-institutional service supervisor Anja Keskitalo, phone number 040 708 4691.

Transportation sservice according to Social Welfare Act is applied in writing. Attachments should include clearances of gross income and state of health. More information – home care service supervisor, phone number 040 716 0245.


Grounds for admitting transportation service in Kittilä, according to Social Welfare Act, starting 1.1.2013
(all attachments in Finnish)
Download, fill and print an application 
Download and print the grounds for admitting transportation service in Kittilä, starting 1.1.2013
Download and print the Guide for transportation services in Kittilä, august 2014

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