Travelling in Kittilä

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Kittilä for a tourist


Kittilä is a versatile Lapland municipality, as it offers nature in all its forms: forests, river sceneries, fells, wonderful marshlands with cloudberries on them and clear lakes. Everything is easily accessible on good roads, and good services are available everywhere.


In Kittilä you can enjoy nature and hiking trails, use the extensive snowmobile route network, see the sights and enjoy the tastes of the area in restaurants and cafés. There are many options for accommodation ranging from high-quality hotels to cabins in nature. Levi service search can be used for finding more detailed information about the services in the Levi area.


Levi tourist centre and the villages of Kittilä offer things to do


Levi is the leading tourist centre in Finland. Its progress has been very fast in recent years. Measured by sale, Levi is the biggest ski resort in Finland. One can find lots of activities for the whole family even in summer. In addition to physical exercise, Levi offers plenty of entertainment and pleasant socialising. Midsummer is celebrated in different parts of the area. Autumn colouring and possibilities for activities extend the year towards mid-winter. Supply of winter activities is plentiful in the municipality.


There are events around the year in the villages of Kittilä. In addition to things to do, the villages offer also accommodation. More information about the villages can be found in Kittilä information, Villages.


Levi is an excellent and varied base for a larger tour of Lapland. For a fishing trip, it is convenient to take a room in Levi and fish on the river Ounasjoki or the lake Kivijärvi. Levi can also be a stage on a holiday trip to northern Norway. Levi is along the way no matter where the journey will take. Remember, that the Levi summer can be enjoyed after a flight to Kittilä. There are 23 000 beds available in comfortable hotels, chalets and appartments. In Levi you will find a spa, beauty salon and an indoor sports centre. The beautiful Maria's chapel is located at the heart of Levi mountain village.


The accomplished programme service providers that operate in Levi and in the villages of Kittilä offer plenty of activities for holidaymakers. For active travellers Levi offers different kinds of safaris with dogs, reindeers and different motor vehicles. Those who are hungry for culture get to enjoy art, and those with a more concrete hunger can taste the treats made out of pure ingredients from Lapland. For children there is a children's playhouse with games and bouncing castles among other things.

Events in Kittilä can be seen on the municipality's web page in event calendar. The Levi  event calendar on Levi front page also offers many tips.


Visit Levi

The Tourist Information service and Levi Central Booking Office are provided by Visit Levi. Visit Levi is a joint marketing company in the Levi area. They offer more information about the activities and possibilities in the area. The local travel agency  Levi Travel operates in the same building.

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