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Kittilä is a beautiful, vibrant and growing municipality with approximately 6000 inhabitants in Mountain Lapland. The landscape is formed by majestic fells and the grand river Ounasjoki which flows through the municipality. The area of the municipality is large and within it's boundaries there are over 30 villages that have greatly different numbers of inhabitants. The beautiful lake, marshland and fell landscapes are combining qualities in the villages. Riverside settlements and old preserved village entities give an atmosphere of the old-time sceneries. In many villages there are old yards, open fields and buildings that have cultural historical value.

You can find more info about villages of Kittilä on these pages and Kittilä Villages brochure. Many villages also have their own web page (in Finnish).  The trustees of village associations and village committees work as the village contact persons. Contact information can be found on page Contact information for Villages.


The brochure: The Villages of Kittilä - a lot to live for (2014)


The brochure in Finnish: Kittilän kylät -enämpi elämistä (2013)


Click the image for a larger view. The map also at the end of this page. The map is designed for The villages of Kittilä -brochure (2013) by Advertising agency Seven 1, Rovaniemi.



Things to do in the villages

Nature, several programme service activities and cultural activities bring versatile possibilities to spend your free time in the villages. It is possible to find accommodation in the middle of a village community in old, renovated school buildings, cabin villages, farms, reindeer farms and even snow villages. The villages of Kittilä offer recreational possibilities and lively association activity. Many annual events are organized in the villages with the input of active people.

Tourism and mining industry have brought development together with modern and international atmosphere to Kittilä. Traditional lifestyle is still visible in villages, arts and events.


Village contact information

In many villages there is a village committee that developes the village, organizes events and has regular meetings. In matters concerning the villages it is worthwhile to contact a village committee. Contact information can be found in village contact information-page.


Village council of the villages of Kittilä

The village council of the villages of Kittilä works as the cooperative organ of village committees. Contact information for the chairman of the council:

Maija Uusikartano
Puljuntie 1265, 99160 Lompolo
Puhelin 0400 150 255
S-posti maijauusikartano(at)


Village development

During 2010-2013 there is an ongoing project led by Kideve Kittilä Development called Kittilä Villages. The project emphasizes the development of the villages. More information about the project from Kideve. Village culture in the land of the fells ry has drafted a development strategy for the villages in Mountain Lapland for the years 2001-2004 (pdf, 50 kt).


More about the villages

There is more information about each village in the menu. Some of the villages have their own websites. In summer 2010 villages of Kittilä were videotaped. See what is it like in the villages of Kittilä!


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