Work, entrepreneurship and economy

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Over 400 employees work for the municipality of Kittilä and the municipality is one of the biggest employers in Kittilä. Open jobs can be found on the municipality's website on the front page at Open posts and offices, on -service and in Kuntarekry-service. From and other employment services you can find open jobs from other employers of the area. Links to the services can be found at the bottom of this page.


Kideve Kittilä Development, a public utility of the municipality, helps in matters of entrepreneurship and economy. Kideve services the businesses in Kittilä area by offering information about entrepreneurship and business services and by guiding entrepreneurs and those who intend to start a business. Kideve developes the economic life of the area in cooperation with other quarters of the area and it also manages developmental projects that are funded by the EU.

Agricultural office helps in matters related to agricultural economy.

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