Workshops in Kittilä

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Workshops offer the municipality's inhabitants and companies made-to-order services. Workshops are open on weekdays between 8.00-16.00, on Fridays 8.00-14.00. Welcome to get familiar with the services!

More information on workshops:

Workshop cordinator Virpi Jesiöjärvi, telephone number 0400 219 356
Individual coacher Hanna Takalo-Kähkönen, telephone number 040 187 8922


Metal workshop

Welding, small machine and bicycle repairs.

Kittilä workshops / Metal workshop
Teollisuustie 8, 99100 Kittilä
Instructor:  Ville Bäck, phone number 040 685 5485, ville.back(at)


Timber workshop

Moving service, yard cleaning, making and repairing of furniture, surface paintwork.

Kittilä workshops / Timber workshop
Teollisuustie 8, 99100 Kittilä
Instructor Jouni Moilanen, phone number 040 748 1506, jouni.moilanen(at)


Handicraft workshop

Planning and manufacturing handicraft.

Kittilä workshops/ Handicraft workshop
Teollisuustie 8, 99100 Kittilä
Instructor Marja-Liisa Rantanen, phone number 040 809 8404, marja-liisa.rantanen(at)


Media workshop

Image skanning, editing adn digiting of vhs-, dvd-, c-cassettes. Business cards, texts, it-councelling. Wedding, school-leaving ceremony and other invitations and photo shootings, calling cards, brochures, transferring a substandard film into a dvd. Renting of meeting facilities.

Kittilä Workshops / Media workshop
Teollisuustie 8, 99100 Kittilä
mediapaja(at), phone number: 040 525 5332
Instructor Katri Alatalo, phone number 040 179 3080, katri.alatalo(at)


Transportation and services workshop

Transportation and café (ordered by Kittilä municipality)

Kittilä Workshops / Transportation and services workshop
Teollisuustie 8, 99100 Kittilä
Instructor Marjut Korva, telephone number 0400 403 889, marjut.korva(at)


If you are interested in working for Kittilä workshops, contact the workshop cordinator or coach, or work planner Päivi Kokkonen, telephone number 0400 356 422, paivi.kokkonen(at)

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