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28.5.2020, News of Lapland: Lapland communities brace for 50-year high spring floods
"Communities across Lapland are bracing for spring floods which could reach their highest peak for 50 years, with up to 5-meter surges that threaten to breach river banks and flood defences in a number of towns including Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi, Kiitilä, Tornio, Pello and Ivalo."

Information provided by the ELY Centre for Lapland and the Flood Centre:

28.5.2020, Flood water will rise to the damage limit in Rovaniemi and Kittilä in the next few days

22.5.2020, Snow starts gradually melting in Lapland - major floods still possible

13.5.2020, The flood situation in Lapland will remain calm for the next few days - major flooding still a risk in June

Kittilä Municipality: Flood Information 2020

Information on spring floods in Kittilä and in Lapland, videos, links (In Finnis)

Instructions for preparing for floods

Lapland Rescue Department's Flood 2020 website (in Finnish)
How do I prepare for floods and what do I do if I get caught up in a flood? (in English)
Guide for residents - independent preparation for floods  (in Finnish)

Share your flood observations with the Weather app

Weather app


Joint press releases from the ELY Centre and the Flood Centre

Press releases from the ELY Centre for Lapland and the Flood Centre (in Finnish, some translated)


Monitoring the flood situation

- The flood situation throughout Finland can be monitored in almost real time on the national watershed forecasts and warnings website Hydrological situation and forecasts (in English)
- Constantly updated map: Watershed forecasts and flood warnings (in English)
- You can also find the hydrological situation and press releases on the new vesi.fi service  (in Finnish)
- Current traffic information: TMFG traffic situation service (in Finnish)
- The joint flood information site of all ELY centres (in Finnish)

#tulva OR #tulvat ja #Lapintulvat (floods in Twitter In Finnish)
@pinnanalta (SYKE hydrologists)
@Lapin_ELY (ELY Centre for Lapland)
@meteorologit (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
@Lapinpelastus (Lapland Rescue department)

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