Patient rights

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Patient advocate


The duty of a patient advocate is to guide and assist in matters related to patient rights. The patient advocate can be reached primarily between Monday and Friday. For a personal visit it is preferable to book an appointment. The work room of the patient advocate is located in Rovaniemi, in the central hospital of Lapland, 1st floor of the new extension.


Patient advocate


Irene Keskihannu

Central hospital of Lapland

PL 8041

96101 Rovaniemi

Phone number (016) 328 7903

e-mail: irene.keskihannu(at)




To advice a patient in questions related to applying a patient law (law on patient posoyion and rights 17.8.1991/785). These questions are:

  • a right to good health and treatment that is related to it
  • a right to be informed
  • a right for autonomy
  • position of a minor patient
  • a right for a legal representative or a relative to get information and authority
  • privacy protection matters

Other duties:

  • advice how a patient can act when he/she is dissatisfied with care or treatment
  • advice and assist if necessary in making a patient accident report according to the patient accident law, a notice or a complaint
  • inform of patient rights and act for promoting and realising patient rights.


The patient advocate does not make decisions herself and cannot change or interfere with treatment decisions or decisions made by officials. In problems and indistinctions related to care or treatment the primary action is to have a discussion with the personnel or the supervisors of the unit (a ward or a policlinic) which is responsible for care.

Source: Lapland hospital district

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