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Prepare for floods in advance

You can prepare for floods in advance if you know that the water level is rising. The rescue department (pelastuslaitos) helps in emergency situations and accidents caused by flooding, but the owner/occupier of the property is responsible for flood preparation. Regional rescue department (Lapin pelastuslaitos, Kittilä) handle acute flood situations in Kittilä.

The regional Ely Center is responsible for preparing for floods and advance planning, in which SYKE and the Meteorological Institute and the municipalities are also involved.


The municipality of Kittilä shares information on flood preparedness and important contact information in flood situations.

Contact information in a flood situation in Kittilä

On-duty unit manager, Lapland rescue department Kittilä, tel. 040 481 0420

Call the number if you ask for help or advice on flood protection from the rescue service.

YIT's emergency number / ELY's roads in Kittilä, tel. 040 161 6190

For road issues during the flood, you can call YIT's emergency number, on-call 24 hours a day.

In an emergency during a flood, you should always call the emergency number 112

Kittilä municipality's contact information

For Kittilä municipality services, you can call the municipal staff responsible for them during working hours, contact information can be found in our electronic phone book, Fonecta, Kittilä municipality

The Kittilä municipality's flood information phone (tel. 040 676 3000) provides information in the event that the flood situation causes significant changes to the municipality's services.

From Kittilä's telephone exchange on 0400 356 500 (Mon-Fri, 9am-11am) you can get advice on the municipality's services in a flood situation.


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