Emergency number 112

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A good rule of thumb could be that the emergency number should be called in urgent, real emergencies when life, health, property or environment is threatened or in danger, or there is a reason to suspect that this is the case.

The emergency number should not be used in non-urgent matters and not to ask questions. This applies also in different disturbancies and exceptional situations in which cases inquiry calls can cause congestion in the emergency number.

The emergency number should be called also if you want to notify the police of a crime that is being committed. If you are doubtful of whether or not it is an emergency, it is always better to call the emergency number 112 than not call.

In cases of emergency it is the most important to remember the emergency number 112 and call as soon as possible in order to get help soon. There is no need to fear calling the emergency number nor do you need to learn any special ways of calling the number. Professional emergency exchange duty officers ask the necessary questions and give advice and guidance to the caller.

Read more about the proper use of the number 112 on the pages of the Emergency Response Centre Administration.

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