In Finland, a compulsory education starts at the age of seven. In other words, on the same exact year when the child turns seven, they start the 1st grade of primary school.

For children living in Kittilä, there are five elementary schools: Lukkari, Alakylä, Kaukonen, Sirkka and Raattama. Each of them have grades from 1 to 6, so the children usually attend elementary school from age 7 to 13.

Day care

A child can attend day care services in the beginning of the month in which they turn 9 months. The application for the day care placement has to be submitted no later than 4 months before the desired starting date. The child has a right to use day care services until they go to preschool at the age of six.

Holiday home plots

Kittilä municipality has holiday plots for sale in Levi.

The holiday plots for sale are in the Golfranta area. More information about plots for sale from the links on this page (currently availabe only in Finnish).


Plots for sale

Kittilä municipality has holiday plots for sale in Levi in ​​the Golfranta area. Private plots can be found in the residential area of ​​Pakatti near the Kittilä village centre and in Levi, in ​​the Akanrova area. There are also individual housing plots in the Kittilä village centre.

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